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Dental Implants

​If a tooth is lost, we can replace it by fixing a crown, bridge or denture to a dental implant. A dental implant is essentially a meticulously engineered special type of 'screw' fitted inside jaw bone. This screw is made of titanium and other bio-compatible materials and acts as foundation for other dental prostheses that can be attached to it. Dental implants can support individual teeth, bridges replacing multiple teeth, full-mouth fixed restorations and also dentures.  

Unlike tooth-supported bridges, dental implants do not require 'shaving off' other teeth. Unlike removable dentures, implants are firmly held in place by bone. For this reason, they can hold dental prostheses that are fixed in the mouth and, with the exception of implant-supported removable denture, can not be removed by patients at home. 

Implant treatment can be life-changing for patients who are unable to cope with their dentures or those who wish for a more stable and long term solution for replacing missing teeth. 

In order to plan the position of the dental implant very precisely, we use advanced X-ray and CAD/CAM technologies, As implant surgery is quite delicate, most patients are able have implants placed under local anaesthesia alone. For those with dental anxiety or if preferred, treatment can also be carried out under conscious sedation.

If you are considering dental implant treatment, please feel free to discuss it with your dentist or contact us to book a consultation appointment.

Lavender Dental Care

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