Private (Pay as you go)

Private Plan is a pay-as-you go payment plan. You pay for individual services you receive. A detailed list of our current prices for different treatment is available to download here. Important Notice: due to Brexit and Covid-19 pandemic, the running costs of the practice have increased significantly. In response to this, from the 1st of June 2021, we reviewed our fee structure and had to increase the fees for some of our treatments. Our most current fees are listed and available to download via the link above. Alternatively, please feel to contact a member of our team to discuss these changes further.

Practice Plan Membership

What is Practice Plan Membership? Practice Plan Membership is a monthly subscription plan. Patients pay £16.50/monthly, and for this they receive the following free of further charges: * Two examinations per year * 2 cleans per year (please note, this only covers simple cleans, such as scale and polish, and does not cover treatment of gum disease) * 15% discount on all other private treatments (except implant treatments) * Free X-rays * Free urgent appointments * Patients see the same dentist, which ensures better continuity of care * We run dedicated clinics on Saturdays for Private Plan and Practice Plan patients- We use the highest quality materials and separate dental laboratories to produce thework of the highest standard * Oral hygiene instruction * Dietary advice ​If you would like to ask us any questions about the Practice Plan Membership or would like to be sent a package to join Practice Plan, please feel free to contact the surgery and our team will be happy to help.

NHS: our NHS books are currently full and places for new patients are very limited but please contact the practice to enquire. Please refer to our Basic Plan, which you may find an acceptable alternative to the NHS

There are three bands of charges for all NHS dental treatments: *Band 1 - £23.80 *Band 2 - £65.20 *Band 3 - £282.80 The fee for an urgent appointment for patients not currently undergoing a course of treatment is £23.80. To read more please click here.

If you are a new patient and would like to register with us, please read this first

If you are a new patient and would like to join our practice, please download and read this document first. This document will provide further information about different payment plans and finance options available to you. Before you register with the practice, please choose one of the 3 payment plans: - Private (Pay as you go) - Practice Plan - Or a Basic Plan

Basic Plan

We have a very limited capacity to accept new NHS patients. However, in order to improve patient access to dental services we have designed a private Basic Plan, which resembles the structure and available treatment options provided by the NHS Dental Services. You will only be paying one of 4 prices for your treatment depending on which band your treatment belongs to: Band 1 - £37.40 (Examination, including preventative advice, X-rays, referral) Band 2 - £91.30 (all included in Band 1 + fillings, extractions, denture amendments, treatment of gum disease and extensive cleaning) Band 3 - £333.90 (all included in Band 2 + a denture, root canal treatment, boxing guard, crown, adhesive bridge, soft splint etc) Band 4 Urgent Appointment - £37.40 (including assessment and advice, X-rays, temporary dressing/temporary relief of pain, issue of prescription). For each course of treatment, you will only pay a single fee depending on the highest- banded item on your treatment plan. For example, if you have an examination, X-rays and are given preventative advice you will pay a Band 1 charge (£37.40). If you have examination, radiographs and a filling placed you will pay a Band 2 charge (£91.30) as the filling belongs to Band 2 category. If you have examination, a filling and a denture - you will pay a Band 3 charge (£333.90) as the denture is Band 3 treatment. Our treatments were assigned to different Bands based on the NHS Dental Services with the following exception: - In the Basic Plan, root canal treatment is classed as a Band 3 treatment (as opposed to Band 2 on the NHS). This is to enable us to spend more time for this type of treatment and to deliver it to the highest standard using some of the best materials and equipment on the market. Just like on the NHS, the Basic Plan does not cover all treatment options. For example, if you wish to have implant treatment or cosmetic treatments (such as tooth whitening, white fillings on your back teeth, veneers or white crowns on your back teeth), you can pay for this treatment separately using fees indicated in our Private Plan List. If you are normally exempt from paying your NHS charges, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange a suitable care for you.

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