We provide a wide range of services and treatments using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our highly experienced team offers everything from simple preventative advice, to complex smile reconstruction procedures and implant surgery.

The practice received a Gold Membership Award from the British Dental Association, in recognition of our commitment to providing quality dental care to nationally recognised standards.


Lavender Training Centre

Our Lavender Training Centre is a training base for recently qualified dental surgeons (foundation dentists) and dental nurses preparing for their National Board Examinations and full registration. Providing this training keeps us at the forefront of the constant developments and changes in dentistry, so we can offer our patients the most current advice and the latest treatment options.


We believe most dental diseases can be prevented. We put an enormous amount of effort into ensuring our patients have access to the latest evidence-based advice and treatments. Our Smiling Lavender Programme aims to help our patients improve their oral health by attending training sessions with a dedicated, qualified oral health educator.


Visit the Gallery to see before and after photos of some of our cases or click here to read more about the different treatments we provide.

Fees, payment plans and interest-free loans to cover your treatments

We understand that people’s experiences, expectations and needs can vary. Therefore, we accept patients who would like NHS treatment, and also provide alternative and cosmetic treatment options privately. We also offer a popular Practice Plan scheme. For further information about these options and our fees, please click here.

Sedation for anxious patients

It is understandable that some people may feel anxious about their dental treatments. Our friendly, empathetic staff will do their best to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit. For example, you can choose to listen to music or watch a film or TV programme during your treatment. If you are anxious about dental treatment, you can choose to be referred to receive NHS sedation services. Alternatively, we offer private in-house sedation services if you cannot tolerate treatments under local anaesthesia. Please do not hesitate to ask – we’ll be happy to help.

Download our patients' guides:

Patients' guide to implant treatment

Patients' guide to crowns
Patients' guide to replacing missing teeth 

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